Communications Contest for Media Professionals

Professional Media/Communications Contest

Each year, MWSC participates in NFPW’s annual Professional Communications Contest.   This is a wonderful opportunity to put your best work in front of distinguished judges in the respective fields you represent.  MWSC Members can enter in 64 different categories. First place winners in each then move on to the NFPW contest with no additional entry fees.  MWSC winners are recognized at our annual spring meeting.  Winners at the national level are announced in the fall and recognized at the annual NFPW conference.

Contest categories reflect the diversity in our industry – whether you’re a novelist, work in corporate public relations, write for newspaper and magazines or design websites, media, communications, and press today covers a wide range of professional productivity.  Look at our contest categories and subcategories and find your place to gain recognition for your high quality work.

Contest Divisions and Categories

General Categories include: Print Media,  Photography,  Radio/Television,  Electronic Communications, Advertising (Print Media Advertising and Radio/Television Advertising), Public Relations/Promotion/Publicity,  Communications programs and campaigns, PR materials, Information for the media,  Speeches,  Achievement/Research, and Books/Fiction/Verse.

When you enter the contest, you will SUBMIT DIGITALLY.  At this page you will be directed to set up your online contest account and receive all directions for preparing and submitting your entries.  NFPW/MWSC membership is required for entering and can be processed when you submit your entries.

For questions related to the professional communications contest, please contact Karen Rhodes



3 Responses to Communications Contest for Media Professionals

  1. Joan Leotta says:

    All the years I have been a freelancer I did not realize I could join until JoAnn Matthews told me I could!
    I joined National Presswomen today, but the pulldown menu would not allow me to reach you.
    Please email the information to join–and any information I need to send. The last ten years of my stories done in South Carolina are on http://www.myrtlebeachonline,.com
    Thank you.

  2. Ava Ellis says:

    In the top ten of my favourite content pieces, thanks!

  3. Padgett Mozingo says:

    Good afternoon. Do you have an email list where I can get information about the event and the organization? I’m also interested in membership information.

    Thank you.

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